Transition Plan

Transition Plan

WARNING: The MET 1.0 token, wallet, and website have been retired and are no longer supported. The Metronome DAO strongly urges against interacting with them. Users who trade MET 1.0 after August 23, 2022, have no claim to MET 2.0.

Support for the desktop and mobile Metronome wallet is being discontinued at the launch of Metronome 2.0. Any user that is currently storing funds on this wallet will need to migrate to a Web3 wallet, such as Metamask.
Please reference the following guide from Metamask on how to handle the migration from the Metronome wallet: ‘How to restore a Metamask wallet from a private seed’. This guide will instruct you on how to create a new Metamask wallet utilizing the original 12-word seed phrase provided when your Metronome wallet was created.
Alternatively, if you already have a wallet such as Metamask, you can ‘send’ the tokens stored in your Metronome wallet to the new wallet as a normal transaction. If you choose to ‘send’ your tokens out of the Metronome wallet versus importing the seed as referenced above, this must be done prior to the launch of Metronome 2.0 so that your new wallet is included in the snapshot allowing you to claim MET 2.0 tokens.
Disclaimer: Please be very careful when importing your wallet or transferring your existing funds. Many user errors cannot be reversed, and Metronome will not be held liable for any loss of funds in this process.
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