Protocol Owned Liquidity

The Metronome Treasury provides protocol owned liquidity for the Metronome token ($MET), msETH and msUSD.

  • Metronome Token Liquidity

The Metronome Treasury is providing protocol owned liquidity for the Metronome token on leading DEXes. 2,000,000 MET, 1000 ETH & 250,000 USDC have been provided as LP on Uniswap v3.

  • Metronome Synthetic Liquidity

The Metronome Treasury will provide protocol owned liquidity for msUSD and msETH on the dApp. Liquidity depth is an integral component for the platform to function at its full potential, acting as a backstop regardless of market activity.

Treasury funds may also be used with external liquidity providers through strategic LP incentivization agreements. From beta, this will include incentives for Curve Liquidity Providers through Curve natively and Convex. Over time, Metronome Growth Work Stream focuses will include partnership agreements that may include third party incentives.

Protocol owned liquidity behaves similarly to external provided liquidity.

The Treasury may take on efficient and concentrated positions utilizing DEXes, such as Uniswap v3 and Curve. The treasury may also pair synthetics against different pairs. An example of this would be pairing msETH against rETH (or another productive asset).

The Metronome Treasury protocol owned liquidity may grow over time as platform adoption and revenues increase.

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