About Metronome 2.0

Metronome is continuing its journey by relaunching and innovating for DeFi in 2022. Metronome was a pioneer in the DeFi space when it was launched in June 2018. With an elegant system of four smart contracts, Metronome has had success with its daily auctions and DEX functionality. Since Metronome’s launch, DeFi has evolved due to the composable nature of protocols. Relaunching Metronome will provide upgraded token features, security enhancements, DeFi composability, a new development roadmap, and the formation of a Metronome DAO.

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Metronome’s migration opens the door for new possibilities and product development. After the migration is complete, the Metronome team intends to develop new and innovative DeFi primitives, including new autonomous primitives similar to those found in MET 1.0.

These primitives will be designed to create value for the Metronome DAO, and will serve as a key unlocker for the “Metronome 2.0 flywheel.” The Metronome team has scoped and begun R&D on a potential first new DeFi primitive to deploy as part of the MET ecosystem.

In addition, the team is exploring new-and-improved auction mechanics that are easier for users to engage with and for other protocols to compose unto. We look forward to presenting proposals to roll out these upgrades to the Metronome DAO.

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