Treasury Management

The Metronome DAO Treasury has been allocated 8,203,669 MET tokens and 8,346 Ethereum which originated from the Metronome 1.0 Autonomous Converter Contract (ACC). These funds are controlled by a multi signature wallet.

Treasury funds will be used for further development of the Metronome ecosystem, to develop new products, and for collaborating with other leading DeFi projects.

Treasury funds will also be used to provide protocol-owned liquidity on major DEXes. 2,000,000 MET, 1000 ETH & 250,000 USDC have been provided as LP on Uniswap v3.

MET tokens held by the DAO Treasury will not participate in DAO governance/voting.

An additional multi signature wallet funded with MET will act as a satellite wallet at the discretion of the team for ongoing operational expenditures.

The Metronome community will be able to propose and vote upon treasury spending in the future.

DAO Treasury proposals and votes can be viewed on the Metronome Governance Snapshot web site.

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