Trading Fee Discount

The Synth Marketplace is where users can swap synthetic assets inside the Metronome dApp. These swaps have zero slippage and a low trading fee of 0.25%. However, holding esMET qualifies users for a further discount, using a tiered fee structure currently set at:

500 esMET = 0.20% fee (20% discount)

5,000 esMET = 0.15% fee (40% discount)

50,000 esMET = 0.10% fee (60% discount)

500,000 esMET = 0.05% fee (80% discount)

The maximum value of 1 locked $MET is 5 esMET, therefore to reach the highest tier and the best discount rate, users would need to lock up 100,000 $MET for the longest period (2 years).


If a user locks 100 $MET for the max lockup period, they would receive 500 esMET, netting them a 20% discount on marketplace fees. This would be highly favorable to those power users performing more frequent and larger trades.

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