Metronome Synth Features


Fundamental values of web3 are embedded in the Metronome Synth Protocol:

  • Permissionless: No signup or account verification process is required to enter the Metronome Ecosystem.

  • Trustless: Activity is executed via Metronome smart contracts with no third parties involved during the process.

  • Non-custodial: Users retain custody control of any collateral deposited, along with their synthetic counterparts, but subject to collateral liquidation rules. Funds can be withdrawn at any time (so long as a user’s outstanding position supports it).


The current features of the protocol offered by Metronome Synth:

  • Productive Collateral: Users of Metronome Synth have the ability to post productive collateral, including Vesper pool share tokens, to increase capital efficiency. This gives users the opportunity to earn yield on their collateral while utilizing the products that Metronome Synth offers.

  • Yield Farming: Metronome can automate the process for users to loop their deposits into additional productive collateral, which could increase APY.

  • Zero Slippage Swaps: Metronome Synthetic Assets can be traded/swapped with zero slippage, but are subject to trading fees as described elsewhere.

  • Simplistic UI: Metronome Synth's user interface was designed in a simplistic and elegant fashion for ease of use and a pleasant user experience.

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