The Metronome Token ($MET)

Metronome’s native token ($MET, also referred to as MET) is an ERC-20 utility token. There are two primary use cases for the MET token.

  • Governance: $MET can be locked in return for esMET, which is the governance token for the Metronome DAO. This will enable users to participate in governance proposals and voting.

  • Trading Fee Discounts: Users will be able to ‘stake’ their $MET by depositing their token into a smart contract with a set duration of time for the lockup. Using a tiered system based on the number of esMET held, and the duration of lockup chosen, users will receive a discount on all synthetic trading fees. Full details coming soon.

Future and additional use cases for the MET 2.0 token are being explored. This document will be continually updated with the latest information.

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