Competitive Advantages

One of the key competitive advantages of Smart Farming is the absence of manual work, which equips the user with more efficient yield looping through one application, rather than traditional depositing through multiple strategies. In addition, by looping synthetic assets, Smart Farming can expand yield positions in a more streamlined and effective method than traditional lending protocols.

Another unique feature of Smart Farming is its ability to enable users to self-source yield through Metronome. By depositing and generating synthetics, users can effectively create a yield source similar to a lending protocol, further enhancing the flexibility and customization options available to users.

Lastly, Metronome features the ability to mint-swap-deposit in one go against the initial collateral, which alleviates the process of looping multiple times on similar instances in other applications. This cuts gas costs tremendously, with users seeing potentially 90%+ less gas spend vs the manual process.

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