Metronome Synth Protocol


Metronome Synth is a new multi-collateral/multi-synthetic protocol that enables users to post their existing crypto holdings as collateral to create synthetic versions of other popular assets.

This collateral can include productive assets (yield bearing assets, such as Vesper Finance vPool tokens) or naked assets like ETH and USDC. Depositing collateral allows users to mint synthetic assets, which can then be swapped without slippage on the Metronome Synth Marketplace, or used for looped yield farming. These assets can also be used more generally for lending, farming, trading, or whatever else users desire.

The Metronome Synth protocol is powered by the MET token, which serves as both a utility token on the dApp, and as a governance token for the Metronome DAO.

Metronome Synth is currently deployed on Ethereum. Additional chains are in development.

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