I was a MET 1.0 token holder, how do I claim MET 2.0?

Why did you relaunch Metronome?

Metronome 1.0 worked as intended for 4+ years and was a great example of what could be accomplished in the earliest days of DeFi. DeFi has evolved by leaps and bounds since 2018, and the Metronome team felt it important that our product evolve with it. Metronome 2.0 is being designed with a greater scope than the original version, and should fit more effectively in the DeFi ecosystem.

Do you still have daily auctions?

The daily auctions as they existed in Metronome 1.0 will no longer take place in Metronome 2.0. Future MIPs may bring back Metronome auctions in the future.

Do you still have the Autonomous Converter?

The autonomous converter no longer exists in Metronome 2.0 as "Uniswap v3 provides an AMM, serving the function for which the autonomous converter was designed to do, while offering additional enhancements, such as “concentrated liquidity”, an innovation that allows liquidity providers to assign liquidity within a specified range of prices (versus every price from 0 to infinity like Uniswap v2 or the Metronome Autonomous Converter). For MET 2, concentrated liquidity allows us to provide enough ETH to buy back the entire circulating supply around market price while also unlocking all of the excess ETH that otherwise must stay in the ACC.

Do I have to claim my MET 2.0 tokens by a certain date?

No, you do not. The wallet that was captured during the snapshot holding the original Metronome token will be able to claim the new token at any time in the future.

I hold MET in an exchange. How do I migrate them to MET 2.0?

If you held MET in an exchange, you must contact the exchange for support as it is up to the exchange to execute the claim. The Metronome team alerted each exchange in advance of the migration and strongly encourages each exchange to support MET 2.0 and the corresponding token migration.

If I buy MET 1.0 today do I get a MET 2.0 claim?

No, MET 2.0 claims were snapshot at time of migration. Only holders of MET 1.0 at-or-before time of migration receive a 1:1 claim. Tokens purchased after time of migration are wholly independent from MET 2.0.

When exactly was the MET 2.0 snapshot taken?

The MET 2.0 snapshot was taken at block height 15397900 - 08/23/2022 @ 5:13:55pm UTC.

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