MET Tokenomics

Supply Distribution

At the time of migration, Metronome had a total supply of 14,377,915 MET. A snapshot of the Metronome token holders was taken on August 23, 2022. which provided the supply distribution for the MET 2.0 governance token.

The newly formed MET DAO will have the power to propose and vote to increase mintage and continue Metronome’s legacy auctions in the future.

  • Community/MET 1.0 token holders (1,874,178 MET)

    • The MET 1.0 token holders will be able to claim these MET 2.0 tokens on a 1:1 basis.

  • Uniswap Liquidity pool (2,000,000 MET)

    • An initial allocation of 2,000,000 MET 2.0 tokens will be allocated to fund a Uniswap V3 liquidity pair

  • Team and Strategic Advisors (2,000,000 MET)

    • Mirroring the MET 1.0 launch, 2,000,000 MET 2.0 tokens (Unlocking evenly over a 24 month vesting period) have been allocated for the Metronome 2.0 founding team and strategic advisors.

  • Metronome DAO Treasury (8,203,669 MET)

    • The total amount of MET 1.0 in the Autonomous Converter Contract minus allocation to Uniswap at the time of the snapshot has been allocated to the Metronome DAO Treasury.

Token Migration Guide

All MET 1.0 holders receive an equal amount of MET 2.0, claimable immediately at relaunch. MET 2.0 tokens are distributed through a merkle claims process. See the Merkle Claims contract on Etherscan.

The easiest way for users to migrate their tokens is by accessing the claims through Pure Finance merkle claims module.

Connect your Web3 wallet, such as Metamask, to Pure Finance and input 60 into Claim ID.

Pure Finance will automatically search to see a claim associated with your wallet address. If you are eligible to claim MET 2.0, click ‘CLAIM’ and follow the instructions prompted by your wallet.

If you held MET in the Metronome wallet, you will need to export your keys to a Web3 wallet. (See Transition Plan for more details.)

If you held MET in an exchange, you must contact the exchange for support as it is up to the exchange to execute the claim.

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